List of DNA tested mummies

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This is a list of mummies & ancient humans remains that have been DNA tested along with a brief description of when and where they lived.

mtDNA tests

The following mummies have undergone a mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) test:

Name Location Approximate lifetime Mitochondrial DNA sequence mtDNA Haplogroup Y-DNA Haplogroup
Cheddar Man England 9,000+ years ago 16192T, 16270T U5a ?
Ötzi the Iceman Italy 5,300 years ago 16224C, 16311C K ?
Ahmose I Egypt 3,550 years ago ? ? ?
Seknet-re Egypt 3,550 years ago ? ? ?
Thutmose I Egypt 3,500 years ago ? ? ?
Amenhotep I Egypt 3,500 years ago ? ? ?
Yeshua bar Yehosef Israel 2,000 years ago 270G, 278T ? ?
Mariamene e Mara Israel 2,000 years ago 290G ?
The Norwich Anglo-Saxon England 1,000 years ago 16189A, 16223T, 16271C, 16278T X ?
Starchild SA-1 Mexico 900 years ago 223T, 290T, 319A A ?
Starchild SCS-1 Mexico 900 years ago 223T,298C,325C,327T C ?
Juanita the Ice Maiden Peru 500 years ago 16111T, 16223T, 16290T, 16319A A
Nonosabasut Newfoundland 190 years ago 093C,189C,213A,223T,278T X2a Q
Demasduit Newfoundland 190 years ago 223T,298C,325C,327T C


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