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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1], Jacki Buros [2], Sabina A. Murphy, M.P.H. [3], Jie Qin, M.S. [4]

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Major Topics in Biostatistics and Statistics in Alphabetical Order:



Absolute deviation Absolute risk reduction Accuracy and precision Admissible decision rule
Akaike information criterion Algorithms for calculating variance Allan variance Alignments of random points
Alternate hypothesis Analysis of categorical data AMOVA ANORVA
Ancillary statistic Anderson-Darling test ANCOVA Anomaly time series
ANOVA ANOVA-simultaneous component analysis Area compatibility factor Arithmetic mean
Attributable risk Autocorrelation Autocovariance Autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity
Autoregressive integrated moving average Autoregressive moving average model Average


Bar chart Bartlett's test Basu's theorem
Bayes' theorem Thomas Bayes Bayes factor Bayesian inference
Bayesian linear regression Bayesian model comparison Bayesian network Bayesian search theory
Behrens-Fisher problem Belief propagation Bessel's correction Beta coefficient
Beta-binomial model Beta distribution Bhattacharya coefficient Bias (statistics)
Biased sample Binomial distribution Allan Birnbaum Binary classification
Binomial distribution Binomial test Bioinformatics Blind experiment
Blocking (statistics) Block design Blocking (statistics) Bonferroni correction
Bootstrapping Bootstrap aggregating Bootstrap (statistics) Bounded real-valued data
Box-Cox transformation Box plot Leo Breiman Breusch-Pagan statistic
Ladislaus Bortkiewicz Breusch-Pagan test Business statistics


Calibration (probability) - subjective probability Calibration (statistics) - the statistical calibration problem Canonical analysis Canonical correlation
Case-control Categorical variable Cauchy-Schwarz inequality Census
Censoring (statistics) central limit theorem Chapman–Robbins bound Characteristic function (probability theory)
Chauvenet's criterion Chebyshev's inequality Chernoff bound – a special case of Chernoff's inequality Chernoff's inequality
Chi distribution Chi-square distribution Chi-square test Chow test
Circular statistics Classic data sets Clinical prediction rule Clinical trial
Closed testing procedure Cluster sampling Cochran-Armitage test for trend Cochrane-Orcutt estimation
Cochran's theorem Coefficient of determination Coefficient of variation Cohen's kappa
Cohort (statistics) Cohort study Combinatorics Common- and special-causes
Comparing means Complementary event Completeness (statistics) Compositional data
Computational learning theory Common- and special-causes Comparing means Complementary event
Completeness (statistics) Compositional data Computational learning theory Continuous probability distribution
Confidence interval Confidence band Confounding factor Conjoint analysis
Control group Contingency table Conditional change model Conditional distribution
Conditional independence Conditional probability Concordance correlation coefficient Concordant pair
Concrete illustration of the central limit theorem Cook's distance Consistency (statistics) Contingency table
Continuous distribution Control chart Control limits Control variate
Controlling for a variable Copula (statistics) Correlation Correspondence analysis
Correlation implies causation Correlation ratio Counternull Covariance
Covariance matrix Cricket statistics Cronbach's α Cross tab
Cross-validation Cumulant Cumulative distribution function Curve fitting
Harald Cramér Cramér-Rao bound Cramér-von-Mises criterion Critical region
Critical value Cross-sectional study Cumulative distribution function Cumulative incidence


Data D'Agostino's K-squared test d-separation Data clustering
Data mining Data point Data set Data transformation (statistics)
De Finetti's theorem Decision theory Degrees of freedom (statistics) Delta method
Deming regression Demographics Demography Demographic statistics
Density estimation Illustration of density estimation Dependent and independent variables Descriptive statistics
Design matrix Descriptive statistics Design of experiments Detection theory
Deviance (statistics) Deviance information criterion Dickey-Fuller test Dimension reduction
Directional statistics Discrete choice analysis Discrete distribution Discrete probability distribution
Dot plot (statistics) Dummy variable Duncan's new multiple range test Durbin-Watson statistic
Dutch book


Eclectic probability Ecological correlation Ecological fallacy Economic statistics
Edgeworth series Efficiency (statistics) Effect size Empirical Bayes method
Empirical distribution function Empirical process Energy statistics Engset calculation
Epidemiological methods Epidemiological study Epidemiological transition Epidemiology
Errors and residuals in statistics Errors-in-variables model Estimation Estimation theory
Estimation of covariance matrices Estimator Evidence-based medicine Ewens's sampling formula
Exact test Expectation-maximization algorithm Expected value Experiment
Experimental techniques Explained sum of squares Explained variance Exploratory data analysis
Explanatory variable Exponential distribution Exponential family Exponential smoothing
Experimental design Extreme value theory Extrapolation


Failure rate F-distribution F-test Factor analysis
Factorial experiment Fair coin False discovery rate False negative
False positive Familywise error rate File drawer problem Fisher information
Ronald Fisher Fisher's exact test Fisher's linear discriminator Fisher's method
Fisher transformation Fixed effects estimator Fixed-effects model Fleiss' kappa
Forecast error Forest plot Fractional factorial design Freedman-Diaconis rule
Frequency Frequency distribution Frequency probability Friedman test
Functional data analysis F-test


G-test Galton-Watson process Galton's problem Gamma distribution
Gamma test (statistics) Gauss-Markov theorem Generalized canonical correlation Generalized linear model
Generalized method of moments Geodemographic segmentation Geometric distribution Geostatistics
Gibbs sampling Gini coefficient Gold standard (test) Good-Turing frequency estimation
Goodness of fit William Sealey Gosset Graeco-Latin square Graphical model


Halton sequences Hannan-Quinn information criterion Hausman specification test Hazard ratio
Heteroscedasticity Heteroscedasticity-consistent standard errors Hidden Markov model Hierarchical linear modeling
Histogram Holm-Bonferroni method Homogeneity (statistics) Homoscedasticity
Hotelling's T-square distribution Howland will forgery trial Hubbert curve


Illustration of the central limit theorem Imputation (statistics) Incidence Independent component analysis
Independent identically-distributed random variables Index case (medicine) An inequality on location and scale parameters Inferential statistics
Information bottleneck method Information geometry Instrumental variable Intention to treat analysis
Interquartile range Interaction Interclass correlation Interclass dependence
Interquartile range Inter-rater reliability Interval estimation Intervening variable
Intraclass correlation Inverse-Wishart distribution Inverse transform sampling Item response theory
Iteratively re-weighted least squares


James-Stein estimator Jarque-Bera test Jeffreys prior Jackknife
Jensen's inequality


Kaplan-Meier estimator Kappa coefficient Kappa statistic Kendall tau distance
Kendall tau rank correlation coefficient Kent distribution Kernel (statistics) Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
Kriging Kruskal-Wallis one-way analysis of variance Kuiper's test Kullback-Leibler divergence


Law of total probability Latent variable, latent variable model Latent class model Latin square
Latin hypercube sampling Law of large numbers Law of total cumulance Law of total expectation
Law of total probability Law of total variance Lead time bias Least squares
Learning theory (statistics) Lehmann-Scheffé theorem Levene's test Level of measurement
Lies, damned lies, and statistics Life expectancy Likelihood principle Likelihood-ratio test
Lilliefors test Linear discriminant analysis Linear model Linear prediction
Linear regression List of probability topics List of statistical packages List of statisticians
Local regression Location parameter Location-scale family Logistic regression
Logit Log-linear modeling Logrank test Lognormal distribution
Longitudinal study Long-range dependency Long-tail traffic Lorenz curve
Loss function


M-estimator Machine learning Mahalanobis distance Main effect
Majorization Mann-Whitney U MANOVA Mantel test
MAP estimator Margin of error Marginal distribution Marginal likelihood
Marginal model Markov chain geostatistics Markov chain Monte Carlo Mathematical modelling in epidemiology
Mathematical statistics Mauchly's sphericity test Maximum likelihood Maximum parsimony
McNemar's test Mean expected value Mean deviation
Mean difference Mean of circular quantities Mean reciprocal rank Mean squared error
Mean squared prediction error level of measurement. Median Median test
Mean time between failures Memorylessness Meta-analysis Method of moments (statistics)
Metropolis-Hastings algorithm Midhinge Midrange Minimax
Minimum-variance unbiased estimator Minimum viable population Minque Misuse of statistics
Mixture model Mode Model modeling Model selection
Modifiable areal unit problem Moment (mathematics) Moment-generating function method of moments (statistics)
Monte Carlo method Mortality rate Moving average Multicollinearity
Multidimensional scaling Multilevel models Multiple comparisons Multiple correlation
Multiple testing correction Multivariate statistics Multivariate normal distribution Multivariate Student distribution
Mutually exclusive events


National and international statistical services Nested case-control study Negative binomial distribution Negative predictive value
Negative relationship Neyman-Pearson lemma Noncentral chi distribution Noncentral chi-square distribution
Noncentral F-distribution Noncentral hypergeometric distributions Nonlinear dimensionality reduction Nonlinear regression
Non-negative matrix factorization Non-parametric statistics Nonprobability sampling Normal approximation
Normal distribution rankit Normality test Normally distributed and uncorrelated does not imply independent
np-chart Null hypothesis Number needed to harm Number needed to treat


Observational error Odds Odds ratio Omnibus test
Omitted-variable bias Opinion poll Order statistic Ordered logit
Ordered probit Ordinal data Ordination (statistics) Outlier


p-chart Page's trend test Paleostatistics Parallel factor analysis
Parametric model Parametric statistics Pareto chart Pareto interpolation
Partial least squares Partial autocorrelation Parzen window Path analysis
Path coefficient Karl Pearson Pearson's chi-square test Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
Percentile Percentile rank Periodic variation Perioperative mortality
Peirce's criterion Pitman-Koopman-Darmois theorem Pivotal quantity Point prevalence
Point estimation Poisson distribution Poisson process Poisson regression
Polychoric correlation Population Population dynamics Population modeling
Population statistics Population viability analysis Portmanteau test
Positive predictive value Posterior probability Prediction interval Prevalence
Principal components analysis Prior probability distribution Probability Probability density function
Probability distribution Probability mass function Probability of error Probability theory
Probit Proper linear model Propensity score Proportional hazards models
Prosecutor's fallacy Psephology Pseudocount Psychological statistics
P-rep P-value Pythagorean expectation


Q test Q-Q plot Quadratic form (statistics) Quantile
Quantitative marketing research Quantitative psychological research Quantitative research Quartile
Quartile coefficient of dispersion Quota sampling Queuing theory in teletraffic engineering Adolphe Quetelet


Random data—see randomness Random effects estimation Random effects model Random sampling
Random sequence Random variable Randomization Randomized controlled trial
Randomness tests Range (statistics) Rank-size distribution Rankit
Rao-Blackwell theorem Rasch model Ratio distribution Polytomous Rasch model
Raw score Receiver operating characteristic Recurrence plot Recursive least squares
Recursive partitioning Regression analysis Regression dilution Regression fallacy
Regression toward the mean Rejection sampling Relative risk Reliability (statistics)
Reliability theory Reliability theory of aging and longevity Resampling (statistics) Errors and residuals in statistics
Residual sum of squares Response variable Ridge regression Robust Sandwich Covariate Estimate
Robbins lemma Robust regression Robust statistics Rothamsted Experimental Station
R programming language Rubin Causal Model Rule of succession


Sacramental index Sample mean and covariance Sample size Sample space
Sampling (statistics) Sampling bias Sampling distribution Sampling error
simple random sampling systematic sampling stratified sampling cluster sampling
multistage sampling nonprobability sampling slice sampling Scale parameter
Scatterplot Schwarz criterion Score test Scoring rule
Scott's Pi Secular trend Secular variation Seemingly unrelated regression
Segmented regression Selection bias Selective recruitment Semiparametric model
Semivariance Sensitivity (tests) Separation test Sequential probability ratio test
Sexual dimorphism measures Shapiro-Wilk test Sheppard's corrections Siegel-Tukey test
Sign test Simon model Simpson's paradox Simulation
Skewness Small area estimation Social statistics Spatial analysis
Spatial dependence Spearman's rank correlation coefficient Spearman-Brown prediction formula Species discovery curve
Specificity (tests) Spectrum continuation analysis S programming language Splines
SPSS Spurious relationship Squared deviations St. Petersburg paradox
Standard deviation Standard error Standard score Stanine
Statistic Statistical arbitrage Statistical assembly Statistical assumption
Statistical classification Statistical deviance—see deviance (statistics) Statistical dispersion Statistical efficiency
Statistical epidemiology Statistical estimation Statistical geography Statistical hypothesis testing
Statistical independence Statistical inference Statistical learning theory Statistical Methods for Research Workers — a book by Ronald Fisher
Statistical model Statistical noise Statistical package Statistical parameter
Statistical parametric mapping List of statistical phenomena Statistical population Statistical power
Statistical process control Statistical range -- see range (statistics) Statistical regularity Statistical sample
Statistical significance Statistical survey Statistical theory Statistical unit
Statistics Statistics Belgium Statistics New Zealand Statistics Online Computational Resource
Stein's example Stein's lemma Stepwise regression Stochastic kernel
Studentized range Studentized residual Student's t-distribution Student's t-test
Sufficiency (statistics) Sum of squares Summary statistics Survey sampling
Survival analysis Survival rate Survival function System dynamics
Systematic review Systematic error (also see bias (statistics) and errors and residuals in statistics)


t-distribution; see Student's t-distribution Taguchi methods Taylor expansions for the moments of functions of random variables Test-retest
Time series Time-series analysis Testing hypotheses suggested by the data Tolerance interval
Transect Treatment learning Trend estimation Truncated mean
Two-tailed test Type I and type II errors


U test Unbiased estimator—see bias (statistics) Unbiased estimation of standard deviation Uncomfortable science
Unexplained variance Unit root test Unit-weighted regression Urn problem


Validity (statistics) Variance Variance-to-mean ratio Variogram
VC dimension VC theory von Mises-Fisher distribution Vysochanskiï-Petunin inequality


Wald test Wald-Wolfowitz runs test Weibull distribution Welch-Satterthwaite equation
Wilks' lambda distribution Winsorized mean White test Wilcoxon signed-rank test
Window function Winsorising Wishart distribution Wold's theorem


X-12-ARIMA X-bar/R chart


Yamartino method Yates' correction for continuity Yule-Simon distribution


Z score z-factor z statistic Z-test
Zipf-Mandelbrot law

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