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Bronchorrhea is the the production of more than 100 mL per day of watery sputum [1]. Chronic bronchitis is a common cause, but it may also be caused by asthma [2], bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, cancer, scorpion sting, organophosphate and other poisonings. Massive bronchorrhea may occur in either bronchioloalveolar cancer, or in metastatic cancer that is growing in a bronchioloalveolar pattern[1][3][4].

Differential Diagnosis of Bronchorrhea

Cardiovascular No underlying causes
Chemical / poisoning No underlying causes
Dermatologic No underlying causes
Drug Side Effect No underlying causes
Ear Nose Throat No underlying causes
Endocrine No underlying causes
Environmental No underlying causes
Gastroenterologic No underlying causes
Genetic No underlying causes
Hematologic No underlying causes
Iatrogenic No underlying causes
Infectious Disease No underlying causes
Musculoskeletal / Ortho No underlying causes
Neurologic No underlying causes
Nutritional / Metabolic No underlying causes
Oncologic No underlying causes
Opthalmologic No underlying causes
Overdose / Toxicity No underlying causes
Psychiatric No underlying causes
Pulmonary No underlying causes
Renal / Electrolyte No underlying causes
Rheum / Immune / Allergy No underlying causes
Trauma No underlying causes
Miscellaneous No underlying causes


Treatment options include


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