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In anatomy, the G cell is a type of cell in the stomach that secretes gastrin.[1] It works in conjunction with gastric chief cells and parietal cells.

G cells are found deep with the gastric glands of the stomach antrum, and occasionally in the pancreas.[2]

The vagus nerve innervates the G cells.

Gastrin-releasing peptide is released by the post-ganglionic fibers of the vagus nerve onto G cells during parasympathetic stimulation.

Gastrin-releasing peptide, as well as the presence of amino acids in the stomach, stimulate the release of gastrin from the G cells. Gastrin stimulates enterochromaffin cells to release histamine.

Gastrin also targets parietal cells.

The increase of histamine and the direct stimulation by gastrin, cause parietal cells to increase HCl secretion in the stomach.


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