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Other diagnostic study useful for preoperative localization of hyper-functioning parathyroid glands include super selective venous sampling. Another diagnostic study include measurement of intraoperative parathyroid hormone (IOPTH) by using a modified sensitive assay (immunoradiometric assay). IOPTH is beneficial for predicting long term surgical outcomes.

Other Diagnostic Studies

Super Selective Venous Sampling

  • Real-time super selective venous sampling (sSVS) is the most common invasive modality for preoperative localization of hyper-functioning parathyroid glands.[1]
  • Real-time sSVS is a highly sensitive and specific technique used when traditional non-invasive imaging studies fail to localize hyper-functioning parathyroid glands preoperatively in patients with persistent or recurrent primary hyperparathyroidism.[2]
  • Patients with a 2-fold gradient or more in cervical vein drainage locations (inferior, middle, and superior thyroid veins; thymic and vertebral veins) compared to the baseline value in the iliac vein are considered for exploration.[3]

Intraoperative parathyroid hormone (IOPTH)

Technique for intraoperative parathyroid hormone (IOPTH) monitoring

  • When the enlarged parathyroid gland is first visualized intraoperatively, a baseline sample should be obtained.[9]
  • The baseline sample should never be obtained before induction of anesthesia. It is due to the fact that an increase in parathyroid hormone level may be observed after general anesthesia.
  • After excision of enlarged gland, 2nd and 3rd samples are collected at 5 and 10 minutes respectively.
  • Several criteria are used for predicting post-operative normocalcemia including:


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