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Hypnodermatology is an informal label for the use of hypnosis in treating the skin conditions that fall between conventional medical dermatology and the mental health disciplines.

The use of hypnosis to provide relief for some skin conditions is based on observations that the severity of the disease may correlate with emotional issues.

Hypnosis can be a very valuable therapeutic intervention for hypnotizable subjects with psoriasis and other skin troubles bought about by everyday stressors like a domineering boss, or financial problems, but there are often deeper needs at work.[citation needed] If someone is seething inside for reasons that they do not wish to bring to mind or cannot confront or rant and rave about, their skin will attempt to reflect the problem. Psychotherapy, which can also utilize hypnosis, can be a very useful tool to address these deeper problems.[citation needed]

The effectiveness of hypnosis has also been documented[citation needed] for warts, eczema, hives, genital and oral herpes, acne, skin allergies, pain and burning sensations, and compulsive skin picking and hair pulling.

A practitioner with training in one of the mental health disciplines, as well as hypnosis and its application to skin disorders is suggested.

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