Jaundice natural history, complications, and prognosis

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Natural history of jaundice varies greatly and symptoms can manifest at any age of life depending on the underlying cause. The type and the severity of complications depends on the underlying cause leading to jaundice. Certain individuals may not suffer any long-term complications and recovers fully, while for others the appearance of jaundice may be the first indication of a life-threatening situation.

Natural History, Complications, and Prognosis

Natural History


Common complications of jaundice include:[6]


  • The prognosis for individuals with jaundice varies with the underlying cause of the condition.
  • There are certain conditions that has the most favorable prognosis leading to full recovery.
  • However, more serious causes of jaundice like acute suppurative cholangitis or fulminant hepatic failure can sometimes be fatal despite medical or surgical intervention. The mortality can be as high as 80% .[7]
  • The development and severity of complications as well as patient's underlying health and comorbidities have a huge impact on the prognosis of patients.


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