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If left untreated, laryngeal cancer produces few symptoms early in the course. Once the tumor has expanded from its site of origin, it may obstruct the airway. Common complications of laryngeal cancer include airway obstruction, neck disfigurement, and voice abnormalities. The prognosis varies with the type and stage of laryngeal cancer. Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of larynx has the most unfavorable prognosis. The 3-year survival rate for supraglottic laryngeal cancer and T3 transglottic carcinoma are 91.7% and 73.2%, respectively.

Natural history

The natural history of laryngeal carcinoma depends on the site:[1]

Supraglottic tumors [2][3]

Glottic tumors [4][5]

Subglottic tumors [5][6]


Common complications of laryngeal cancer include:[7][8]



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