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Pott's fracture, also known as Pott’s syndrome I and Dupuytren fracture, is an archaic term loosely applied to a variety of bimalleolar ankle fractures.[1] The injury is caused by a combined abduction external rotation from an eversion force. This is a fracture of the fibula near the ankle, often accompanied by a break of the medial malleolus of the tibia or rupture and displacement of the internal lateral ligament.

The bimalleolar fractures are less likely to be arthritic than trimalleolar fractures.[2]


English physician Percivall Pott experienced this injury in 1765 and described his clinical findings in a paper published in 1769. [3][4]

The term "Dupuytren fracture" refers to the same mechanism,[5] and it is named for Guillaume Dupuytren.[6]


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