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Dayana K Davidis is a medical doctor specialized in nutrition, with subspecialties in genetics and preventive medicine. She is also a certified health and wellness coach.

She operates clinics in different countries including France and USA, and would see patients in person or virtually.

Davidis is a pioneer in combining different metabolic screenings, tests, blood works, and other diagnostic tools to tailor a preventive and personalized health plan and/or to treat existing metabolic, hormonal or other health related problems.

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Education And Training

DayAna Davidis went to high school in Switzerland, and did her undergraduate medical dietetics and genetics and medical studies at AUA Athens, Greece and LAU Beirut, Lebanon. She went on to do postgraduate studies in natural medicine at CPH in London, England and Health and Wellness coaching at Duke university, Durham, NC, USA. She has treated and helped thousands of patients from around the world to regain their health using interventional and preventive methods, and has worked in research on nutrition, weight loss and metabolic related topics. She operates medical offices in Europe and the United States.

Davidis is multilingual, she is fluent in French, English, Arabic, Greek and Spanish and she can understand and speak some Italian.

She is an avid skier and her hobbies include botanics, tennis, waterski, biking, travel and site seeing and enjoys reading more now thanks to her e reader.