Inspection (medicine)

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In medicine, inspection (Latin word "Inspectio" or the act of beholding) is the thorough and unhurried visualization of the client. This requires the use of the naked eye.

During inspection, the examiner observes:

External signs:

  • Body features and symmetry appearance
  • Nutritional state or weight
  • Skin color
  • Frequency and volume of breaths during respiration
  • Movement of the abdomen and each side of the chest during respiration
  • Hair distribution
  • divercation of recti muscle
  • umbilicus (site-shape-color- infiltration)
  • Gait and manner of speaking

Gross Deviation:

In medical practice, inspection is however not limited to visual information alone. Inspection also involves:

  • Listening to any sounds emanating from the client
  • Odors that may be present

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